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Are you ready to make your great kitchen and bath remodeling ideas a reality?  Whether you need new fixtures installed, plumbing relocated, or updated piping,  Moore Plumbing Services can do the job. Call  for a free no obligation estimate 903-447-0000 or  
Kitchen and Bath Remodel Plumbing:

We installed brand new piping at this house undergoing a kitchen and bath remodel. We took out all the cast iron sewer piping and installed PVC. We took out all the galvanized domestic water piping and installed PEX piping. The galvanized water piping was full of rust and corrosion. The owners made a good family health decision to replace it all. 

Farmersville, TX Home Built 1920
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 MPS performs all types of repair from broken water lines, water heaters, boilers, toilets, faucets, hose bibbs, sewer pipe cleaning, broken sewer pipes, under slab leak detection and repair, bath and shower, kitchen sinks, ice maker lines, garbage disposal install, irrigation water lines, and air conditioning condensate piping.

    The pictures below of homes and businesses where the owners did not want to jackhammer foundations or sidewalks. In this case, we tunnel from the side closest to the problem to make the necessary repair.
This is a place of business where the PVC had separated from the copper domestic water piping entering the building. There was no sand around the piping where it had separated. The ground shifted causing the pipe to separate at the connection. Cushion sand around a joint connection (see photo). This will provide a cushion against ground shifting.
This house was having some major sewer drainage problems. It was built around the 1960's and had cast iron pipe and fittings. The cast iron had corroded and completely broken away from the sink drain.  that sink drain was, unfortunately, in a concrete beam and was broken at the main line.  We installed a new kitchen drain through the wall and repaired the main line.
This home had domestic water leak that was directly under the bath tub. We tunneled under the house and found the 3/4" copper pipe making its own water cave under the concrete slab. This particular leak was on a copper hot water line that was suffering from electrolysis. It forms a corrosion on the inside of the pipe and eventually eats a hole through it. I cleaned the pipe so you can clearly see it.
 This particular house, the bathroom had just been remodeled and the shower was not draining correctly. The tile man had added a drain from existing plumbing for a new shower drain. When we tunneled under the house we found that the piping was double trapped. There was already a p-trap where he had piped a new drain and installed a new p-trap at the shower drain. This caused major flow problem. Don't let a tile man do your plumbing. $$$
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(left click on photo to enlarge)
(left click on photo to enlarge)